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Join an Indoor Disc Golf Putting League hosted by Good Day Disc Golf! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner just getting started, this league offers a unique opportunity to refine your putting technique, connect with fellow disc golfers, and experience the thrill of competitive play – all in the comfort of an indoor facility.



Experience the thrill of Disc Golf Tournaments with Good Day Disc Golf. We take pride in hosting top-notch disc golf tournaments that provide participants with an unforgettable experience. Interested in hosting your own tournament? Allow us to guide you through our incredible offerings that will make your tournament experience truly remarkable. Our tournaments include Player Packs, Vending, Payouts, Vendor Cash and Prizes!



Are you an avid disc golf enthusiast looking to create your own customized course? Good Day Disc Golf offers Course Planning, Design, Installation, Grand Opening Events, and Marketing. We guarantee an unforgettable disc golf experience tailored to your needs and preferences.



We firmly believe in the value of protecting and preserving our cherished disc golf courses that provide enjoyment for so many. 
Disc golf course stewardship involves the responsible management and maintenance of the courses to ensure they remain safe, enjoyable, and sustainable for both players and the environment. This stewardship extends beyond the responsibilities of course owners and administrators; it includes every individual who steps onto the course, appreciating the game and the beauty it is played in.



Discover the perfect fit for your event with our Disc Golf Clinics. Whether you're planning a corporate retreat, team-building exercise, or any other occasion, our clinics are tailor-made to accommodate up to 20 people, ensuring an intimate and immersive experience for all participants. Alongside our expert instruction, each participant will receive custom swag as part of their clinic package. 



With 1:1 time and expert coaching with Rob George, private disc golf lessons offer the ultimate opportunity to refine your technique, deepen your understanding of the rules, and master the art of disc selection.



Improve your disc golf game!
Video form critique is an excellent tool for players to identify flaws and make necessary adjustments in their throwing technique. We'll also coach you about disc selection.



Kid disc golf camps offer a unique and enriching experience for young athletes. These camps or in-school PE days are designed to teach children the fundamentals of disc golf while instilling important values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, kids learn the rules of the game, practice throwing techniques, and develop strategies to navigate through challenging courses.