Disc vs. Frisbee: What’s The Difference?

Posted by Good Day Disc Golf on Jun 26th 2024

Disc vs. Frisbee: What’s The Difference?

Frisbee golf. Disc golf. Frolf (yes, that's a thing too!). These terms are used interchangeably, but there are a few differences to remember!

It's All in the Disc
The biggest difference between frisbees and discs lies in the equipment itself. Frisbees are typically made of stiff plastic designed for recreational use. When you think of a frisbee, you likely consider it a fun activity to pass back and forth between friends. On the other hand, disc golf discs are built for distance and control. This is all we sell at Good Day. Their thinner width, sharper edges, and grip allow athletes playing in tournaments, sometimes for money, to have more powerful and accurate throws.
These specialized discs come in various types that affect flight patterns. You can visit our guide to choosing the right discs to learn about all your options.
The Father of Disc Golf, "Steady" Ed Headrick created the first disc golf course in the 1960s and the modern-day frisbee. "Frisbee" is a trademarked term, so "disc golf" became the go-to name. The sport started growing in popularity, and in 1976, the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) was formed.
As a result, disc golf became universally recognized because of the PDGA. According to UDisc, more than 1.4 million disc golfers are using the app since 2023. As one of the fastest-growing sports since COVID-19, we will likely see that number continue to skyrocket as time progresses. We have seen a massive uptick in players throughout Southern Colorado and expect that number to continue growing.

More About Disc Golf
Championship courses typically need over an acre per hole and have 18 holes. If you want to create a course that allows for a PDGA-sanctioned tournament, you will likely need at least 18 holes with more than an acre per hole.
A-Tier and Above: Minimum of 54 holes
B-Tier and Below: Minimum of 36 holes

What about Ultimate Frisbee?
Now, you may be asking, what about ultimate frisbee? Is this the same thing? The answer is no! Ultimate is a team sport with 7 players on each side trying to score by throwing the disc to teammates. The goal is to catch it in the opponent's end zone, similar to football. There are no referees, so players call their own fouls. A regulated ultimate frisbee field is rectangular and measures 70 yards long by 40 yards wide, with end zones that are 20–25 yards deep.

So, What Should You Call It?
If you remember anything, know that discs are used for disc golf and frisbees for ultimate frisbee. Even though the terms are used synonymously, you will likely see the difference between the purpose it is being used for. So, first think about what sport you are playing, and this will tell you if you should call it a disc or a frisbee!