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Carl the Flamingo once tried to market a portable record player that you could strap to your arm to play your favorite vinyl while you run. He called it a WINGMAN. (If you're an eagle-eyed hipster creeper you may have peeped the prototype once upon a time!!!) Carl insists that vinyl is the superior format for everything, which is why he designed these slick I Have These on Vinyl, Too sunnies. According to Carl, even these sound better on vinyl too.


My basement — okay, my parent's basement — is like a museum of the greatest records of all time. You probably haven't heard of most of these bands. They're super obscure. You've never heard of The Schlubers?! How about Patty and the Farts? Dynamo Eggo? Flip The Sash? Go-Go Ratchet? Stubby Little Teeth? Sad Saturn? Raveyard Blues? They're groundbreaking. Come over and listen. These sunnies won't slip or bounce while you feel superior to everyone. (Although, once you find out about this music, it's no longer cool.)

Origin Story

Carl the Flamingo – I Have These on Vinyl, Too

The story of I Have These on Vinyl, Too is the classic tale of the artist triumphing over record labels that refuse to release their music because it is “terrible.” After a grueling day in the studio drunkenly improvising songs over boom-bap nu-metal techno riffs, Carl The Flamingo gifted the album on CD to every goodr employee. And every goodr employee listened to one song, cringed, and smashed the disc into pieces. Carl responded by blaring his music over the speakers in the office and everyone quit their jobs. The “Carl’s Music Sucks” Strike went on for eight months in 2019, before Carl finally caved. When he released his album online in 2020, it earned high praise from people who were losing their minds due to the COVID-19 lockdown. So put on your matching I Have These On Vinyl, Too sunnies, and enjoy a forgotten classic that’s so bad it’s good and so good it’s bad.


Although all goodr sunglasses are all expertly made and carefully tested in our natural lagoon before we release them into the wild, sometimes “flamingo droppings” happen. That’s why all U.S. purchases of goodr sunglasses are backed by our 1-year warranty.

Unfortunately, due to global supply chain delays and issues we are currently unable to issue lens replacements. We hope to be able to offer this solution again in the near future!


Not that we think you’re taking a Brillo pad to your goodrs BUT... to keep your goodrs in pristine condition and from showing signs of natural wear and tear, we recommend:

Keep them in the microfiber pouch when not in use. Snuggly laying them on a gold encrusted pillow at night, will also ensure longevity. Using a gel based lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth...the pouch they come in works wonders. Mild soap and water and gently patting dry with a soft cloth, also works! Avoid harsh waters on the lenses: Salt water, pool water and mosquito-infested swamp waters are not recommended


Contact Good Day with any warranty questions or requests.